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Completed just in time for Xmas 2019, this is one of the most innovating projects we have had the pleasure of working on. The design and approvals process took exactly one year, and the construction of the house itself, despite its remote location took also only one year. 

As the vernacular buildings from which it draws inspiration, Monte da Caliça sits on the top of a hill, with breathtaking views over the whole of the Serra de Grândola. However this 'monte' instead of being the place where the farmer returns to after a day's working the fields, it is a home that works itself harvesting the sun, for both climate control (using underfloor heating and cooled ceiling panels) and photovoltaic energy for electrical consumption. Despite having a pool and a jacuzzi, and still being in its testing and balancing phase, the house has been 70% self-sufficient on the energy it produces. 

Special Report by Francisco Nogueira

Monte da Caliça
Grândola, Portugal Location
 Residential Category
New Construction Type
2019 Year
Private Client
 Built Stage

Francisco Nogueira  Photographer
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