Travessa da Boa Hora
Lisboa, Portugal | 2018 - ongoing


Our design for Tv. da Boa Hora, focuses on creating a mixed use development in what was once a XIX century manor house in the Ajuda Neighbourhood in Lisbon.


Over the past 100 years this house was much altered and it's old courtyard was eventually converted into very small living apartments. The projected we've designed clears the courtyard to create a development with good size apartments, and whilst the outside of building must be in keeping with the rules of this conservation area, on the inner courtyard side we offer a new and more contemporary look with individual balconies and patios for all apartments.

Render Travessa Boa Hora _ Corner Final_
3DSection_01 Final B
3D plan 1_ Option A
Bird Eye View Cropped_ Final B
Render Travessa Boa Hora B_Noise