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Second time lucky! Quinta da Joaninha, was a project on which we did an original design, prior to the house being sold, and having had the privilege of re-designing it again for its new owner.


Originally built in the 1960s, this 1.2ha small farm featured a quite bespoke architecture, where a quasi-modern box (which hosted the bedrooms) sits on a heavy tectonic stone base. Our refurbishment of this house, consisted in respecting the original architecture of the house, but bringing it into the the XXI Century, by making the windows larger and allowing more light in, reducing the amount of exposed stone inside the house, and reorganising the bedrooms and living facilities in an up to date way.


Oak panelling, and 4 different types of Portuguese stone were used to create unique bathrooms, and features throughout the project.

Special Report by Lourenço Teixeira de Abreu

Quinta da Joaninha
Azeitão, Portugal Location
 Residential Category
Refurbishment Type
2022 Year
Private Client
Built Stage
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