Quinta em Azeitão
Azeitão, Portugal | 2015-17

The scope for this project was to refurbish an existing 1950s modernist farm house, built in Azeitão, on the edge of the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park. The original house, with it's Ground Floor built largely using load-bearing stone walls, presented difficult technical challenges in how it could be brought into the 21st century.


Whilst we wanted to maintain some of the modernist stone features, we felt the house was a little too brutal, so to balance this out we proposed plastering over some of the stone walls in the Living Room, to make the space lighter, and renovating the stairs and bedrooms using oak timber panels and built-in wardrobes.

Sala Estar- Final Render
Sala Jantar- Final Render
Quarto Final Render _03
Quarto 3 Final Render