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We  shape our buildings. Thereafter they shape us.
Wintson Churchill,1943


While we place a strong emphasis on achieving design excellence and aesthetically pleasing solutions, our practice distinguishes itself by intentionally avoiding a singular style.

With extensive experience practicing architecture across diverse countries, we have absorbed and integrated a wide array of design approaches and styles from each unique environment.

We believe architecture is more than just a spatial response to specific site and client requirements. It should also address societal needs, construction techniques, and market trends of its time, requiring architects to adopt a holistic approach across all industries. In our dynamic society, architecture holds a unique position to shape our environment and create a lasting legacy. Therefore, we are committed to pioneering innovative and enduring solutions that stand the test of time.



We have a strong focus on to details and like to be involved throughout all of the phases of a project. Construction is not a non exhaustive science. It is learned over time, mistakes and required to always adapt yourselves to new solutions. Each site is very different and has its own challenges. We try find the most appropriate solutions.


Over the years, we have endeavored to extend our knowledge to other industries. Pedro, who has also taken on the role of a contractor, shares his expertise with the community in Southern Africa, teaching them construction skills through hands-on experience. Meanwhile, Camille has spent years working on the client and developer side, gaining a broad understanding of project financing and the associated risks. She excels at finding the right balance between time management and the key priorities of each project. Camille also emphasizes the importance of coordination between consultants, recognizing that a lack of clear brief definitions at the beginning of a project and misalignment can lead to significant problems and affect the overall delivery process

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