Toy Museum and Public Library in Torres Vedras 
Open Competition|Torres Vedras, Portugal|2016

The brief for this Open Competition called for the integration of an interactive Toy Museum with a Public Library within a single building.

The project is meant to be located in the city's historical centre, therefore instead of designing one large building, we thought to break down the volume of our proposal in order to integrate it with the medieval fabric of the city.


This allowed us to develop our design around an elevated public square, which provides entrance to the common lobby (below) or individually into each of spaces (Library, Toy Museum, Auditorium), adding flexibility to how the building is used, whilst offering new green spaces to the city.

Sketch A
Sketch B
Sketch C
Sketch D
16003- Planta Explodida s legenda
SCC-Section C-C'
SAA-Section A-A'