Marmarole, Italy | 2015


Competition entry for a low-cost mountain shelter in the Italian Alps. One of the key challenges of the competition was to deliver a project which could be installed on location in a short period of time, using helicopter transport, whilst being at the same time robust and capable of withstanding the harsh climate at high altitude.


Our proposal draws inspiration on 100 years of the history of mountain shelters, and uses a reconditioned shipping container and timber to create a compact, but comfortable retreat for climbers. 

Project Selected for Competition Exhibition. 

Collaboration with Raimondo da Col 

Interior Bivouac Axonometrie
Tonneau Charlotte Perriand
Refuge Dolent
Refuge biwakschachtel
Bivouac Vallot
Bivouac Stol
Bivouac Promontoire
Bivouac Refuge
Bivouac Polybiwak
Bivouac LEAP
Bivouac Ledormeur
Bivouac Kotovo
Bivouac Jubimaeus
Bivouac Ferrario
Bivouac Hess
Bivouac Durier
Bivouac Chalance
Bivouac Boarein
Bivouac Apolionio

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